Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ririn Ekawati (Foto: Radarcirebon)

ANAK-ANAK sering rewel di pesawat, baik akibat tekanan udara maupun turbulensi. Aktris cantik Ririn Ekawati punya cara biar anak tidak pernah rewel.

Fasilitas di pesawat ternyata membuat anak Ririn menjadi tenang dan tidak rewel seperti anak yang lain. Karena sang anak menikmati hiburan sehingga tidak berpikir tentang hal buruk di esawat.

“Anakku tidak rewel saat duduk di pesawat. Karena dia menikmati hiburan yang disediakan di pesawat, seperti nonton film,” kata Ririn kepada Okezone di Gedung Djakarta Theater XXI, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat, Rabu 7 Januari 2015.

Hal tersebut membuat pemeran Salma dalam film ‘Di Balik 98’ ini merasa senang. Karena ia tidak repot mengatur dan meminta anaknya untuk tenang. Kepanikan anaknya masih dalam tahap wajar, sebab sang anak hanya minta Ririn memeganginya ketika pesawat mendarat.
“Paling di saat landing pesawatnya suka goyang-goyang, dia cuma minta pegangan tangan,” tutup Ririn.
What do you like to read to your class the first day of school?  Amanda at Third Grade Meanderings is looking for a fresh idea for her class.  Head on over to her sight and give her your best idea and enter to win a great book and a Barnes and Nobles gift card!
Here are pictures of my classroom.  I decided on a fairy tale theme this year. I couldn't find a lot of pre-made bulletin board pieces, so I did the trace from the overhead, color, cut, and laminate method.  Thanks to all of you out there that have done this theme in the past, without your great ideas I couldn't have pulled this off!
 I am excited to meet my class on Monday!  15 students, 10 boys and 5 girls.  It should be an interesting year!
Wow!  The last few weeks have been soooo busy!  I have a class of 15 wonderful kids!  Things are going really well as we are working on routines and the basics of first grade.  I have forgotten how exhausting it is to keep up with all those bundles of energy and excitement.
Some things I am glad I spent time and money doing before school started:
     G.O. (Getting Organized) Books.  My parents LOVE these books!  I LOVE that everything is right there in one binder!
     Behavior clip chart from New Management, Inc.  The kids are responding very well to being able to move clips UP the chart, and coloring in the square on their behavior chart in the G.O. book at the end of the day is extremely motivating!
     ANYTHING purchased from TeachersPayTeachers that had to do with back to school.  This is the first year in a long time I felt totally prepared for those little bodies to come through the door.  I had plenty of fun, educational activities to keep us busy and happy!

your chance to win some wonderful graphics from two sites that have really cute stuff.   And if you visit their sites, you'll find some cool freebies!  Good luck!
I got tired of working on my Power Point for Open House night next week, so I started blog stalking. I just read about another great give-away.  Erica Bohrer and many others are giving their products away at Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten.    Check out her blog for details!
TGIF tomorrow!!!!  It was one of those long "short" weeks! Looking forward to a girlfriend get away for the weekend!
Today was our 18th day of school!  It is going so fast!  Things are going pretty well, getting into a routine and getting to know one another.  I have gotten some amazing ideas from my fellow bloggers that are helping me make this year run very smoothly.  Now I just need to find the time to copy, laminate, cut, and put things together!   My next project is going to be "Fast Finisher Notebooks".  I want to copy letter practice, number practice, mazes, word finds, and "label this" pages to put in page protectors and into notebooks that the kids can pull out and do when they finish something and are waiting for others to finish.  I'm getting them in the habit now of doing "something" so they are not just sitting and talking (or worse).  I think the notebooks will be ideal.  I will be able to switch out the pages to correspond with concepts we're covering or holidays, etc.  So, hopefully I'll get time next week to work on these!